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"This site will not bear any captivating sexual porn or any scripts that may be alluring or a stimulator of sexual desires in a man but a honest attempt to depict the reality of Independent escorts in Bangalore and delineate the reality in escorting business"
"Sex is a basic need like hunger and thirsty for a human and needs to be available by all means to any gender for that matter of concern"
Like food and water sex is a commodity that can be hired at a cost or can be bonded with the relationship tag.
Women are degraded by accepting monetary benefits or money for sexual favors to men and men takes this advantage to prove his masculinity over women.
Women for long had proven to be capable of being the better gender and men with all his might had been trying to degrade women in general for decades proven by the history of this world.
If ever women are not selling sex as a product and are curtailing them self to the law of the land the misery of men is a plight and choes aftermath could not be imagined.
Women never get leashed of her sexual desires and men when he is curtailed of his sexual urges he is a beast of the human.
Prisons that have men in captivity are known examples of how men who are imprisoned for years together are becoming more sexually starved species.
Social media and Internet have become the sole responsibility for broadcasting the porn and stimulating the men in general and all that is seen in the screen and in the porn books are not true facts but are totally false stimulators whose sole aim is to portray sex in the most scatological way.
Sex was never explicated the way it is been exploited in this 20th century and for our ancestors sex was more a religion and Indian tradition had showed great scripts like Kamasutra.
Sexuality was sacred in the Vedic period which is evident from Hindu places of worship like Khajuraho, Ajanta, Ellora temples and scriptures like Kama Sutra and various other Hindu texts which openly spoke or showed pornography.
Pornography was never in vulgarity in our Vedic ages and prostitutes were kept in temples and were solely maintained by the rulers of the land and the vedic scriptures are the evident of the tradition of our land.
With the advent of British Invasion in India and the slavery trade with the mogul imperialism we Indians slowly started to lose our heritage and slavery started to ooze in our veins and we set to salute the invaders and follow his orders.
British rulers were very clear in ruling the state of India with clear intentions to loot our wealth and in the due course had laid down rules that may advocate their imperialism and dictatorship on us and we Indians to come out of slavery to the percent state of mind was laborious and onerous.
The third world countries have already started to tackle the prostitution trade and the escorts and have legalized the same.
The perverts who may like to read the obscenity and some captivating sex and porn scriptures in this site will regret seeing anything as we are clear in not being another debauchee vendor of sex.
We are rather sellers of sex in the most religious way and the traditional way!!

We escort in Bangalore are trained craftswoman in the art of love


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Escorts in Bangalore | Independent Escorts in Bangalore |

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