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"We Independent escorts in Bangalore would not have breached this silence from our end and we needed to expose our self in this world and this way of expressing our thoughts in this website is in no way a marketing gimmick from the call girls in Bangalore but another honest attempt in our confessions in our professional life as an escort in Bangalore"

We do have a family and none of our parents had dreamt of us becoming escorts and we had pursued this profession of escorting on destiny dooming on us.

We escorts in Bangalore were brought up like any other kids with good education and fine grooming by our parents and when we discuss this matter internally within our colleagues what made them choose this path of escorting the blame was abruptly in the society and the politics in this country.

When the whole world is dumping India to be a nation of poor wages and the advent of call centers paying peanuts to their employees and a decent professional career in this competitive wo…